Don’t risk having the home of your dreams turn into a nightmare

Trust Lance Grimord to spot potential problems

Most homebuyers, especially first-time buyers, are at the mercy of a realtor when looking at homes. Unfortunately, most realtors are little help when it comes to assessing the really important things—like the structural integrity of the foundation, the condition of its HVAC system, and whether the roof is in good shape or not.

Most home buyers only find out about problems during the home inspection, and at that point they’re so emotionally invested in the house it’s hard to cut their losses and move on—especially if the realtor is steering them into negotiations to reduce the price based on work that needs to be done.

Wouldn’t it be better to know all the pros and cons of a house before you make an offer?

That’s where Lance Grimord comes in.

Before becoming a licensed real estate agent, Lance worked for many years in the construction business. He knows homes from the foundation to the roof. If there’s a potential budget-busting problem lurking in the basement, or anywhere else, he’ll spot it and let you know about it. He’ll also let you know what it will cost to fix whatever’s wrong. Then you can either move on with your home search or have Lance negotiate with the seller.

Priority #1 is finding the right home for you

For Lance, the most important thing is helping you find the right home. As you’ll see in the testimonials from previous clients, Lance is genuinely motivated to help homebuyers find a home that ticks all their boxes.

Before you go on any house tours, Lance takes the time to really understand what you want. If you already know you want a home in a specific area, he’ll help you home in on the listings that best fit your wish list. If you’re open to other nearby areas, he’ll cull the most promising listings for you.

Lance is a tremendous asset for any homebuyer, and even more so for those who haven’t yet made the move to Wisconsin. He’s worked with buyers in other states via Skype, email and phone to help them find just the right house in just the right neighborhood. If you’re trying to find a place here from afar and thinking it’s just too complicated, Lance will change your mind.

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