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Selling a home is always stressful. In most cases, homeowners have an emotional attachment to their home and bristle at the prospect of buyers making offers under their listing price. Often, they feel as though they’ve put enough money and time into the property over the years and they’re reluctant to even repaint the walls.

Lance helps homeowners take an objective look at their home from the perspective of “How can you get the most money for your house with the least investment?” With years of experience as a general contractor, Lance knows what fixes and improvements have the biggest payoff when selling. Lance also has many contacts in the contracting business, so he can recommend the right people for whatever needs done.

When Lance is your selling agent, you also have someone who can counter offers based on unrealistic estimations of what repairs will cost. If the buyer’s agent makes an offer $20,000 below your list price because of some relatively minor issue, Lance can politely counter with a price reduction in line with what it actually costs to make the repair.

5 Reasons Why You Want LG Unlimited On Your Side:
18 Years

of general contractor experience


commission fees than full-service brokers


resources and contacts in the housing industry


photography using state-of-the-art equipment

7-Days A Week

availability from 6am - 9pm

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